Insult to Injury pt. 2

In Entertainment, Humor, Television, The Office, Work on October 25, 2008 at 4:52 am
Gosh people without money are SUCH losers.

Gosh people without money are SUCH losers.

“Hey Pam, how you doing?”

“Pretty good, and you?” I said to Andy without making eye contact just trying to reach my destination of the bathroom.

“Eh not bad,” he said as I’d almost reached the door, “except I have these cousins coming into town this weekend that I just can’t stand.”

Dammit. Do I look like someone who came over here to listen to your problems?

“Oh?” I say positioned next to the bathroom so I could leap in at the first break in the conversation.

Andy starts complaining in depth about these cousins. The black sheep of the family apparently. The one married a girl no one approved of. They had money problems for a while and had to live with his mother-in-law, who sounded a little crazy and controlled all their money. They’d buy cigarettes and lotto tickets instead of food, etc etc.

I nodded along. I had family members like this, too. Probably wouldn’t air all of their dirty laundry at my place of work to a stranger, but that’s just me. Apparently Andy felt these trespasses were atrocious and unique enough that the world should know.

And then, he totally lost me.

“I mean, these people don’t even pay off their credit cards every month,” he said, now that he was in an unstoppable rant. I hadn’t said a word for at least two minutes now. “I mean, they’ll usually only pay the MINIMUM each month.”

They only pay the minimum? My God! These people don’t deserve the air they breathe!

Thanks to some tough times at the Beesly household (and the rest of the world the last time I checked) we too only pay the minimum on our credit cards each month and have had to function that way for quite a while. It seems on planet Andy, that puts you on a level of people unworthy of associating with him.

I cut him off.

“Well I think a lot of people fall into that trap with credit cards or they hit a rough patch and just can’t do any more. Hope your weekend isn’t too bad!” I said shrugging as I pushed myself into the door with the word “Women” printed on it. I don’t think Andy would follow me in here…

How did “Hey Pam, how you doing?” turn into this???!

Next up … Andy insults my husband’s line of work. (No offense, but….)

Addendum: After comparing notes with Karen, we’ve come to the conclusion that I might have misunderstood Andy this time and, considering his own credit history which Karen knows a bit about, that he may have meant that his cousins don’t even pay the minimum balance on their cards. Still, it’s a dumb thing to say when you know nothing about the financial problems of the person with whom you’re speaking.


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