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Movie martyr

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I am SO progressive!

I am SO progressive!

Michael likes to think of himself as the defender of the little man. He is pro-union and likes to identify himself with minority causes.

For example Proposition 8 in California. Even though he doesn’t live in California, he very much wanted to see gay marriage remain legal in the state.

“Well I got an e-mail from Jan with some bad news,” he said to me.

“Mmmhmmm,” I said.

“Yeah you know how we only like to go to the Cinemark movie theater out in Moosic?” he asked.

Yes, unfortunately I knew all too well Jan and Michael’s movie theater preferences as well as which snacks topped their lists.

“Well Jan just told me that the CEO of Cinemark gave $10,000 to support the amendment banning gay marriage, so now we’re going to have to boycott the theater and I already sent them a note telling them so. It’ll be interesting to see if I hear back.”

“I doubt you will Michael,” I said vaguely, wondering when on earth I ever gave Michael even a hint on what my views on gay marriage were and realizing he probably doesn’t care either way so long as I listen to the story.

“Yeah it’ll be rough now. I’m sure going to miss the nice big seats and the good popcorn and the special concessions and all the movies they had there,” he pouted.

(Yeah you’re a real martyr for the gay cause, Michael.)

“Well I’m guessing what you’re giving up probably isn’t as much as what the gay couples in California are losing,” I said.

Michael recoiled. “Well no. I just really like that theater.”

Yeah. Uh-huh. Sigh. How was he able to turn the issue of gay marriage in California into a story about himself? Michael wants people to both admire him for being so progressive and pity him for what he sacrifices. It’s either worth it or it’s not Michael. It can’t be both.

Do you have any office martyrs who like to pat themselves on the back?


Name game

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Pam Beesly, The Office
Hi all… Wasn’t feeling well last week. I’ll try to catch up on stories this week 🙂
So I have been dying to tell all of you this, but for sake of anonymity of my company I’ll have to be vague.
The theory that NBC is using its vast resources to mock me is seeming more and more like a real possibility.
One of the people at my office has the same name as a character that was briefly part of the show The Office. First name, last name, the whole shebang. I spit out the soda I was drinking the day I discovered that.
And then last week I found out we have someone new working for us with the same name (first and last) of one of the regular characters on the show.
Are you freaking kidding me?!? We don’t have THAT many people who work here. Come on. Where are the cameras?!

The election is over: it is safe to return to your desks

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Creed Bratton

So I a while ago I decided because of how crazy Michael had been acting over the election that I would take Nov. 5 off from work. This way I could a) stay up late and watch results even if it took all night (because I’m a big dork) and b) wouldn’t be subjected to either Michael’s gloating or pouting the day after.

And boy am I glad I did.

Apparently Michael was so bad, Creed called off work Thursday because he couldn’t put up with it. Creed cheers for the opposite political party as Michael, a fact which for the most part Creed keeps to himself. And while Creed doesn’t rub it in if his candidate wins, Michael most certainly does.

And it got ugly.

I’m hearing most of this second-hand from Jim, but suffice it to say it must have been bad for Creed to call off work over it.

When I came in Thursday, Michael wanted soooo badly for me to be his personal gossip girl. Everytime he started whining to me about Creed, I would deflect him with a work-related question until he finally went away.

Work = Michael’s Kryptonite.

A new HR rep!

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Goodbye Toby

I have an official HR rep again!!! Hooray! And they will be at our office in a few weeks!

Hmmm and this is going on at the SAME time The Office is going to be replacing Holly?!

I told you I work at The Office!

So what do you think is going to happen? Do you think Toby is coming back?

Also, should I flood my poor new HR rep on their first day or ease them into all of these stories?

Don’t forget to VOTE! Happy election day!