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In Entertainment, Humor, Television, The Office, Work on January 20, 2009 at 5:23 am
I'm really more comfortable talking than listening at a meeting.

I'm really more comfortable talking than listening at a meeting.

Our office is changing over one of our computer programs. Not everyone needs it, but I use it occasionally and Michael uses it all the time.
So when corporate sent out an e-mail to all the district managers to let their staffs know a training session would be available on how to use the new program, Michael passed it along to me and told me he wanted me to attend.
After explaining the class to me, he asks “So do you think I need to go too?”
“Yes,” I said emphatically, “because I don’t want to teach you how to use it.”
He then cracked a joke about how he was hoping to just have me handle everything involving that program for him from now on, which of course wasn’t really a joke.
“Michael, I only use this one function of the program. You do entirely different things with it that I never have to. So you should go.”
He shrugged off my comment and wandered around the office looking for someone to convince him he didn’t need to attend.
I later discovered that every top manager in the company was planning on being at the session, and was even taking some mid-level people with them. I would be the lowest level employee there, in fact. Meanwhile, Michael was still debating whether it would be worth his “valuable” time or if sending me was sufficient. I reiterated my unwillingness to teach him something that a trained expert was already offering to teach.
Finally the morning of, he declares that he has decided to go to the training session, too. And acts like a freaking hero for it.
*mild applause*

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