The gift of blame

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Moroccan Christmas The Office

So Jan’s boss gave her a gift card to the Electric Theatre Company.
And somehow one of them lost it.
Like lost lost it.
Michael was on the phone all morning doing the baby voice with Jan.
“Are you mad at me?”
“You’re not mad at me are you?”
“Well I looked all over and I couldn’t find it.”
“Well I looked in the place where I always keep gift cards and it wasn’t there.”
“Well I’m not sure it was me who lost it.”
“No no no I just really don’t think I lost it.”
More cooing ensued to make up for the attempt Michael made to blame Jan.

As soon as he was off the phone he was griping to Jim that he knows Jan was the one who lost the card, not him.
But because he doesn’t have the balls to say that to Jan, he spent his day on the phone with the play company trying to get them to give him another gift card. Even though we had a pressing deadline and she … was making candles at home with no orders to fill or anything.

So after explaining to the theater’s customer service the situation and being told that it says right on the card that the theater is not responsible for lost or stolen cards, Michael starts getting huffy.
“I personally think it’s a very customer unfriendly policy.”
“Well I’m sure other places have policies for lost cards.” (no, no they don’t, Michael)
“Well is there someone above you who I could write to?”
“Well wouldn’t that be like writing to you?”
“Well it’s confusing which is actually the gift card because we have a slip of paper that says ‘This is not a ticket, but then it says ‘Electric Theatre Company gift card’ and the amount of the gift card on it.” (Erm, yeah. The slip of paper is what we like to call a RECEIPT, Michael. That piece of plastic that you chucked in the trash. That is a gift card. I can see how you might get confused, though.)
Finally Michael gets the customer servcie rep to say he might be able to help him out if the person who bought the initial gift card calls in. But otherwise his hands are tied.
Luckily having overheard all of this, I was able to prepare my responses when Michael inevitably cornered me to dump this story on me.
“Oh no, you have to be SO careful with gift cards,” I said when he approached me as I was trying to leave work. “They are JUST like cash. All of them say right on them ‘not responsible if lost or stolen,'” I said as dramatically as possible.
He even tried to play the “I was confused” game with me.
“But there was an actual PLASTIC gift card, right?” I asked.
He said no, that all he had was the slip of paper mentioned above. But later mentioned that the receipt didn’t have the same numbers as the plastic gift card printed on it, so the theater said they couldn’t help him.
“OH,” I said. “SO there WAS an actually piece of plastic that was the legitimate gift card?”
“Well yes, allegedly. I think I remember one,” he said.
Right Michael.
The highlight: Jan refused to tell her employer that she (or Michael, whatever) lost the gift card because she was embarrassed. So she is making Michael buy tickets to a show so she can tell them about the nice time they had.
Am I a bad person for enjoying that so much?

P.S. I have no idea what the policies are of the actual Electric Theatre Company. All names and locations are changed for the sake of anonymity.

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