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Can’t a guy get a break?

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What do you mean "How can I say that with a straight face?"

What do you mean "How can I say that with a straight face?"

Michael was chatting with Andy for 45 minutes first things this morning, mostly about sports. Then around 10 he took a personal call that lasted almost an hour.

Finally when he got off the phone, I went into his office to ask if he could help me with one of my tasks for our deadline because I was swamped with work and was worried it wouldn’t get done in time.

“Yeah, I can do that,” he says. “I’m working through my lunch break today. Got a lot to do, so it won’t be until later.”

And now my tongue is bleeding from biting it. Awesome.


Happy Valentine’s Day … uh-huh

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"Is that all you got me?"

"Is that all you got me?"

“So ordered all this stuff for Jan for Valentine’s Day,” Michael said leaning on my desk while I was mid-typing. “Of course she knew about it because she’s the one who guilted me into buying all of it.”


“She saw some TV show where she said there was a special where you could get these flowers and chocolate covered strawberries for $50, and if you bought them together it was 2 cents cheaper.”

“Uh huh.”

“So I look on the Web site and I see the special on the flowers, but not on the strawberries. Well it turns out they are $50 EXTRA, when you order the flowers, not $50 total.


“So they were supposed to arrive today, but she called and said she hadn’t gotten them yet. But I had gotten an e-mail saying that they were delivered at 2:26.”


“So I told her, well did you look out front, or maybe in the garage. And somehow they had gotten then in the garage!”



“I thought I wasn’t going to have to buy her anything this year. I mean we’re staying at the Hilton Garden Inn and seeing that play, which we were supposed to be paying for using that gift card that got lost. I would think that would be enough!”


“I’ve certainly gotten by cheaper in the past, that’s for sure.” Finally he started heading toward his office.


“That’s OK. She did give me the money at Christmas that I told her to spend on herself and told me to put toward a new bicycle.”


Can you FEEL the love in the air? Happy Valentine’s Day my lovely Dunderheads!

Valentine's Day, The Office

That’s what she said

In Entertainment, Humor, Television, The Office, Work on February 12, 2009 at 3:56 am

OK, so this isn’t related to my office, but I thought it was hilarious and had to share. Enjoy!

That's what she said

The sound of silence

In Entertainment, Humor, Television, The Office, Work on February 11, 2009 at 3:39 am

Michael Scott screams

“It’s too quiet in here,” Michael said.

It was pretty quiet. Jim and Creed were out of the office, and everyone else was working quietly on their computers.

“Mm,” I said. (Isn’t it wonderful?)

“Makes you want to scream or shout or something,” Michael said.

“I like the quiet,” I said.

“Not even just a little?” he asked.

“If I need noise, I listen to my music.”

Michael grumbled in annoyance that I wasn’t playing along.

Sigh. Fine.

“But Michael, if you want to run through the office, screaming and shouting, feel free. I can film it and post it on YouTube.”

Michael sensed the jovial nature of my comment and his voice instantly perked. “Yeah and then you can show that to HR when they visit in a few weeks.” (Yes, HR rescheduled again).

“Heh, yeah.”

“Well maybe tomorrow,” he said. “This has been a pretty weird day already.”

I left him hanging for a few seconds. Oh no, what had I done? I have to say something now. It’s a totally open-ended statement, begging for a response. That’s what I get for being nice I guess.

“Oh?” I asked, half-heartedly.

Michael then unloaded on me all of his troubles with his cable provider (gee troubles with a cable man, yeah reeeeeal weird, Michael) and something about a missing cord and someone inspecting his attic or something. I don’t know.

Didn’t I mention that I LIKED the quiet?


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Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman

If you haven’t heard about Christian Bale’s explosive outburst on the set of Terminator 4, you probably don’t have the Internet and aren’t actually reading this blog right now.

Certainly Bale’s reaction was out of line. Sure he may have been on the right side of the argument: allegedly he had warned this director of photography not to do what he was doing several times and had spoken to the director about it as well.

But the reaction is intense. And it goes on forever.

And I am so jealous.

I mean really, even if you think it’s wrong, how many of you WISH you could have done the same thing to a co-worker or boss — WITHOUT GETTING FIRED!

The phrase “you should go Christian Bale on him/her” has already entered my vocab.

What about you? Thoughts on the Bale incident? Stories about times you wish you could have done the same thing without ramification? Even if it’s small or seemingly petty —  after all, sometimes a small wrong done over and over and over and over again is almost worse.

I could do this all day

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"Close the door so it seems like we're talking about something important."

"Close the door so it seems like we're talking about something important."

Our IT person from corporate called Michael earlier this week. We have a new system we have to use when processing sales that has a few more steps than we used to have, and she wanted to know when she could come down to train us.

“Well I’ll have to talk to Pam to see when she’s available and I’ll call you back and set something up.”

Gee, when is Pam available? Oh all the time because I never leave the office and have no appointments or sales calls like everyone else. He does know that everyone has to go through this training, right? That my schedule is the least of his concerns?

I’ve known this training was coming for a while and so just want to get it done with.

So Michael walks out of his office, and instead of calling me in, he calls Andy in. And shuts the door.

And is in there for an hour.

Now I could give them the benefit of the doubt and say they were talking about work-related activities, but I am skeptical that talking about the paper industry could bring about the amount of laughter coming through the door.

So sometime mid morning, Michael emerges, procrastinates some more, and finally makes his way to my desk to ask me when I’d be available for training.

“Anytime. I don’t have anywhere I need to be this week. Whenever works for everyone else.”

He starts to walk back to his office when I stop him.

“You know, all the sales people have to do this training, too. I mean, they are the ones with the sales calls that you have to work around.”


That’s all he says.

Then he calls Andy into his office again.

And again, it’s nearly 45 minutes of laughter and lively chatting.

Lunch came and went.

I left a little later, and therefore got back a little later.

Jim told me Michael finally got around to telling everyone about the training when he got back from lunch. So instead of walking out and asking everyone as soon as he hung up the phone with IT at 9:30 a.m., he dragged this task out.

All. Day. Long.


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Toby Flenderson

Got an e-mail from Michael on Friday letting us all know that the human resources visit this week was postponed because one of the reps had a death in the family.

I get that. I’m not a cold-hearted person.

However, it wasn’t TOBY who had a death in the family. And I never heard anything from him about rescheduling our one-on-one meeting. A simple “Hey, I’m still planning on meeting up with you whenever we reschedule our visit” would have been nice.

Better yet. “Was the issue you needed to discuss with me serious? If so, we could still meet this week.”

Maybe this is expecting too much?

*sigh* Anyway. Loved the post-Super Bowl show. Really was eye opening. I need to learn to not let bosses frustrate me so much, or someday, they might actually be the death of me.

Loved the beeping stress monitor. Yesterday everytime Michael approached me, I made beeping noises in my head. 🙂