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Morale by the slice

In Entertainment, Humor, Television, The Office, Work on March 24, 2010 at 10:54 pm

So, if you’ve read anything I’ve written on Twitter or on this blog you know one thing: morale at my office sucks.

David Wallace had a meeting with Michael about how to lift our spirits in times of massive pay cuts and being loaded with more work.

Their big solution?


Michael used to order pizza for us all the time. But it’s been more than a year since he treated us, even though our office is very small. Extras like that were cut from the budget, and you know, Michael couldn’t possibly spare a dime of his six-figure salary.

But David gave the OK for Michael to charge the company for a whopping three pizzas. And hooray everything is wonderful now!!! Yay! I can shut down this blog for good!


Besides not ordering enough, causing everyone to fight over the kinds they wanted, we were reminded roughly 15 times that the reason we were getting this pizza is because David wanted to boost morale.

Kinda makes you all warm and fuzzy inside, doesn’t it?

Buzz kill

In Entertainment, Humor, Television, The Office, Work on November 16, 2009 at 10:20 am
Pam and Jim company picnic

Enjoyed a long-awaited vacation. Now back to reality.

I have been on vacation from Dunder Mifflin for about a week and a half. I came in this morning with a euphoric sense of not caring what Michael might say or do.

He immediately came over and started telling me the details of how he handled various situations that I would normally take care of. As if I cared. Honestly, the first time I thought of Dunder Mifflin while on my vacation was 7 days after I walked out the door. It was a brief fleeting thought, like some vague memory of a place I once visited.

And the feeling this morning was nice. Yes, I didn’t care what Michael was saying, but I also didn’t care that he was saying it. Kinda like when the dentist gives you a great anesthetic and you don’t care that two gloved hands and a drill are in your mouth while drool is running down your face.

But as with every conversation with Michael he has to keep pushing and pushing and pushing until he gets a negative reaction out of you that forces him to retreat to his office to pout.

In the midst of his rundown he tells me of course Angela sent him an e-mail outlining all the things he did wrong that week. I was familiar with these e-mails, but had become pretty aware of her peeves and usually caught all of them before reports hit her desk.

“Yes,” I said from atop my vacation cloud. “There are many things I have to fix before those reports can get sent out.”

“Well what I didn’t know is that now there are different cover sheets that we have to use depending on what type of report it is.”

My cloud sank a little. “Yes I told you about that when they changed the policy.”

“Well I didn’t know how to do that,” Michael said in his victim voice.


“Yes, well, Michael, I believe your exact words when I told you about the change were ‘Well I think that’s corporate’s problem, not ours,’ which of course turned into my problem.”

Michael paused.

“Well anyway,” he said, “there was also a problem with…”

I didn’t quite hear the rest of what he said. I let my cloud float upward as much as it could. I know by the end of the day it will have sunk completely to the ground, covering me in fog instead of letting me bob in delight.

But for now I will enjoy my memories and focus on January … when my vacation days reset.

Summer at the Office

In Entertainment, Humor, Television, The Office, Work on September 28, 2009 at 12:45 am

Pam Beesly pink

So as I said in my last post, I decided to focus my efforts this summer on changing my life instead of complaining about it.

And I made some noble attempts. I now have a couple of freelance ventures that I’m pretty proud of. I mean they haven’t brought in enough income to replace either of my jobs, so they really have only created more work on top of my two jobs for me. But whatever. I enjoy them.

And I realized not blogging has not really saved me any time. Now I just spend more time complaining to Jim and Mr. Beesly and wasting time on other blogs while I’m too depressed to work. So I figured “Why not go back to wasting time on this blog?!”

The job search is still in limbo. Mr. Beesly and I have a pretty nice vacay planned in a month or so. And I have really no time off between now and the end of the year for interviews. So a full-force effort might not start until then.

Though sales positions has opened up at Dunder Mifflin and I am considering going for it (SEE! Reality mimics art AGAIN). I’m not totally qualified, but neither was Pam on the show … so why not go for it, right?!

This would mean Michael would not be my boss anymore, but I’d still be close enough to hear him and mock him. It’s a win/win for everyone!

I’ll keep you posted on my decision.

I’ll try to recap some of the events of this summer as I remember them, but honestly I have blocked a lot of it from memory. Jim almost quit, we had evaluations, we had a company picnic, and we stressed Michael out so much by not talking to him that we have given him (alleged) sleeping problems.

More on all that later. I missed you guys!