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What I learned on my summer internship

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Michael recently bought a motorcycle (we’ll get to that story another day).

Last week, he had to take the motorcycle in to the shop to be repaired. He had Phyllis follow him there and drive him back.

Upon his return, he relayed this story to Jim and I.

“And now I just have to figure out how I’m going to get home. And I think I just thought of the answer and his name is ‘The Man’ and he is an intern.”

“The Man” is the nickname Michael bestowed on our intern (his last name is Mankowski). I don’t think he even knows his first name, and I heard him butchering his last name when he tried passing it on to someone on the telephone.

Anyway, Jim and I nervously chuckled because we thought he was joking. Because in the real world, a boss using the intern as a personal chauffeur without any warning would be ridiculous.

But we don’t live in the real world I suppose.

Moments later, the intern rounds the corner and Michael says he needs to talk to him in his office right away and closes the door behind them.

“He’s really doing it” I say to Jim.

The intern returned a couple minutes later and said it was no big deal. Michael had given him some money to get lunch at McDonald’s in exchange for his services (money I’m sure he is going to expense to the company).

Woo really rolling out the red carpet Michael. Way to give the kid some real world experience.



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We had a new intern start this month. Really nice guy — a real go getter.
But when he is on sales calls, he has an unusual tic. He’ll rhythmically smack the top of his desk as he is driving a point home to the customer.
“How *pound* about *pound* we *pound* set up *pound* a meeting *pound* next Thursday *pound*?”
His little percussion section is endearing only because he is a nice guy and is trying so hard. I doubt he even knows he is doing it. If however he completes his internship and becomes my new boss or lands a swanky job at corporate, I will be more apt to ruthlessly make fun of this trait.