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Chirp! (part 2)

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The annoyatron

Michael (not so) stealthily places an annoyatron under Stanley's desk.

All week Michael and Andy were plotting how they were going to stick the annoyatron (thanks Chris!) to Stanley’s desk.

“What do you think he’ll do?” Michael asked excitedly.

“He’s going to be so mad,” Andy said.

They plotted what Andy would say if Stanley asked him what the noise was (he was going to pretend he couldn’t hear it), and imagined the triumph they would feel upon “getting” Stanley.

Meanwhile, back in reality, Karen had already told Stanley what had happened to her and that Michael was planning to do the same to him.

So when the random chirping began on April Fool’s Day, Stanley said nothing.

And neither did Michael or Andy — which of course was sign number one of their guilt. If they weren’t the source of an annoying noise, they would have been the first ones poking around investigating it.

When I returned from lunch, Andy and Michael were still gone on break … and so was the noise.

“So where is it?” I asked Stanley while searching around his desk area.

“Where is what,” he said dryly.

“The beeping thing,” I said.

“What beeping thing?” There was a tiny grin on his face.

“You found it!” I said.

“I really don’t know what you’re talking about. But whatever it is, it’s gone now.”

Grinning I returned to my desk.

stanley Hudson

The next day Michael came up to Stanley’s desk.

“So where is it?”

“Where is what,” Stanley said.

“The beeper,” Michael said.

“Oh that was yours?” Stanley asked innocently.

“Yeah I left a note on it.”

“Oh well I stepped on it,” Stanley said.

“Why’d you do that?”

“To get it to stop beeping.”

“But I wanted to use it on someone else!”

“Well you should have thought of that before you put it over here.”

Michael had a nervous smile on his face as he went back to his office.

Meanwhile Stanley stuck the annoyatron to a sheet of paper that said RIP and hung it at his desk. Michael returned about an hour later.

“No really what did you do with it,” he asked, convincing himself Stanley was playing a practical joke on him.

“It’s right there,” Stanley said pointing to the sign.

“Rest in Peace, hahaha,” Michael said as he took the toy back to his office.

He played with the gadget for a while, a sickly beeping coming from his office every now and then.

Michael returned to Stanley’s desk.

“What did you do to this thing!”

“I told you, I stomped on it. With my boot.”

“I didn’t think you were serious! This cost me $10! I was going to use it on someone else!”

“I TOLD you. You shouldn’t put something on my desk if you want ot get it back.”

This interaction continued throughout the day, culminating in Michael refusing to turn in some of Stanley’s paperwork to corporate.

“Nope, don’t have time. Already sent everyone else’s. You’ll have to do it yourself,” he said in a hurried panicky voice. I haven’t seen such a retaliatory spectacle since little Margret broke Timmy’s crayons in second grade.

Stanley shrugged. “Fine I’ll send it myself.”

Good ol’ Stanley. Always playing it cool and never giving Michael an ounce of satisfaction.



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Karen Filipelli from The Office

“Do you hear that beeping sound?” Karen asked as she came over to the area where Jim and I sit.

We shook our heads.

“It almost sounds like a cricket or something, but it’s too cold for crickets, isn’t it?” She asked, clearly unnerved by whatever was causing the noise.

“Not sure, ” I said. “Sometimes my computer makes funny beeping noises. Maybe it’s your computer or someone who sits nearby.”

“Maaaaybe,” Karen said unconvinced and looking around for the source of the noise.

“Or maybe the batteries are dying in something, like the smoke detector,” I suggested.

“Yeah those DO make a chirping noise, don’t they,” she said and went on the hunt again.

At the end of the work day, Andy approached her desk.

“So you had some weird beeping over here today, huh?” he said.

“Yeeeeah,” Karen said suspiciously.

“It was this,” he said revealing a little metal box.

“You were causing the beeping noise?”

“Yeah when you stick this thing to metal, the magnetism activates this random little beep every once in a while. SO I stuck it to your desk and took it down during lunch time. I guess I’m lucky I caught you on a good day, huh?”

“Yeah,” Karen said with a little edge. “Really lucky.”

Andy also revealed that Michael planned to get one of the devices to use on Stanley on April Fool’s Day. As if Stanley hadn’t been witness to everything that happened to Karen and would be fooled by the same prank.

Yeah, that didn’t turn out so well for Michael.

(To be continued)

Penny pinching

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How much does it cost to run that camera you have there?

How much does it cost to run that camera you have there?

After our company announced we were all going to have to watch our office budgets and propose cost-saving strategies, Angela sent out this e-mail:

 You’ve heard the saying that every penny counts…and it does!  Here’s a few things that the Scranton office is doing.

 1.  Bring in your own mug AND your own STIRRING IMPLEMENT.  We’re going to eliminate the purchase of the plastic cups and the stir sticks. Annual savings: $140!

2.  TURN OFF THE LIGHTS when not in use! 

3.  We’ve eliminated the afternoon mail pick-up service. Annual savings: $1,500. 

4.  THINK BEFORE YOU COPY OR PRINT.  If it’s not necessary to print or copy, don’t waste the paper!  USE THE FLIP SIDE OF USED PAPER.  RECYCLE.  Annual savings by cutting white paper costs by 25%: $953.

5.  SUPPLIES:  “Uncommon items” wanted should be carefully considered before ordering.  (You may be asked to reconsider your item for a lesser cost one.)  Potential savings:  $500-$600.

6.  COFFEE & TEA:  Drink what you pour. And don’t make a fresh pot at 3:30 in the PM unless you’re going to drink it all. 


 “Annual savings $140? What is this proving?” Jim asked.

“Heck just get rid of the coffee all together,” Creed chimed in. “Who needs it?”

“I’m surprised she didn’t suggest getting rid of the air conditioning,” Karen said, quickly looking over her shoulder to make sure Angela hadn’t heard that idea.

 And a few hours later, we got an e-mail from corporate saying the company would be undergoing layoffs this week and that those of us left standing would be getting 9 percent pay cuts.

 “Now wait a second,” I said peeking over my desk after we got the e-mail, making sure Angela wasn’t around. “WE don’t have to take the pay cut do we? I mean, didn’t corporate hear we’re using our own spoons to stir our coffee now?”

Karen and the almost lost vacation

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As soon as he heard the news, Dwight rushed into Michael’s office.

“How could you let Karen take a week of vacation next month?” Dwight demanded.

“Why wouldn’t I?” Michael asked motioning for Dwight to calm down.

“Because that’s the same week as our annual paper convention in Michigan!”

“But we don’t need Karen to go. We already decided we’d be sending you, Creed and Jim.”

“Which meeeeans we will be short-staffed here at the office.”

“Dwight, it will be fine. She doesn’t work with any of your clients and there will be plenty of other people here if a problems arises.”

“I don’t know about this Michael. It doesn’t seem right.”

“It’s fine.”

Dwight glared at Michael, feeling defeated. “Fine. But for the record, I don’t like this.”

He marched to Karen’s desk.

“OK Filipelli, I’ll allow it … but I don’t like it.”

“Uhhh thanks?” Karen said looking confused.

Ebenezer Schrute

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Well Dwight Week is coming to an end. But fear not. More Dwight stories will appear more regularly mixed in with the Michael Scott misadventures … so stay tuned!

And to continue to get your Rainn Wilson fix … go see The Rocker this weekend and FREE JENNA!

Oh so you think you have a vacation day? Well let me just check my chart here. ... FALSE. You have no vacation days! The chart knows all because I created the chart, and I know all. Like Ghandi ... or Matlock.

Oh so you think you have a vacation day? Well let me just check my chart here. ... FALSE. You have no vacation days! The chart knows all because I created the chart, and I know all. Like Ghandi ... or Matlock.

Dwight has always heavily monitored how many days off people have taken and how many they are due.

Dwight took one of his rare days off at Christmas time. But even when he doesn’t come into the office, he insists on working from home.

He called that afternoon and asked Karen for a rundown of who was in the office.

Being that it was the day after Christmas, there were only a handful of people who had already used up their vacation days.

After she had named everyone who was there, Dwight asked “Where’s Kelly?”

“She had one day left, so she took the day off,” Karen said.

“No she did not have a day off. My notes indicate she used all of her vacation days.”

“Well she said she checked and she had one day left and she had to take it by the end of the year or she’d lose it.”

“She had no days left! My chart says so right here. I’m going to see that she gets her pay docked a day. This is ridiculous. She thinks no one will notice she was gone. I’m seeing to it first thing when I get back that her pay is docked!”

Way to embrace the Christmas spirit, Dwight.

When he came back he called corporate first thing and found out that indeed Kelly’s day off was legitimate.
Turns out Dwight’s chart was wrong. Dwight hates it when his chart is wrong. I think he ultimately decided his chart wasn’t wrong, that corporate was wrong, and that Kelly got lucky …

This time.