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Pam’s good deed for the day

In Entertainment, Humor, Television, The Office, Work on October 22, 2008 at 2:50 am
Your most reliable source for Election 2008.

Your most reliable source for Election 2008.

As I mentioned earlier, Michael likes to spout off about his political views. Only one person will really fight him on them: Todd Packer.

Todd and Michael don’t work together often. Usually Todd just stops by the office when he’s in town, causes a lot of problems and talks obnoxiously loud.

Today was no different. Though they are friends, Todd and Michael have drastically different political views. Usually their banter is jovial, but today Todd came in with guns blazing ready to pummel Michael with his latest political ammunition, trying to stump him. As if stumping MICHAEL would somehow be a victory for his entire political party.

As Todd started throwing partisan punches, using half-truths and manipulated facts mixed with a little reality, Michael started getting really defensive. But he couldn’t keep Todd at bay long enough to take control of the conversation. And the more Michael tried to contradict Todd, the louder Todd got.

I thought about walking over and shutting Michael’s door to spare the rest of us from this ridiculous display. But I knew that that would only draw Todd’s attention to myself. Plus, even though Michael invites this kind of trouble on himself, it seemed too mean to leave him hanging.

So I called Michael on the phone instead.

Todd huffed.

“Oh sure! Saved by the phone!” he bellowed. “I gotta go anyway.” He stormed off and I turned so he wouldn’t see the phone to my ear.

Michael saw my name on the caller ID as he answered.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you,” he said once Todd was clear. Then he yelled out into the main office, “Will someone give this girl a raise!”

Jim teased me about being a brown-noser. Eh. I got Todd out of the office. Sometimes self-preservation can help others, too. Plus, it’s exhausting being angry at Michael ALL the time.


Office politics

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Michael wishes he were witty enough to be part of this crew.

Michael wishes he were witty enough to be part of this crew.

Despite all rules of ettiquette, Michael loves talking politics in the office. Baiting co-workers he knows disagree with him, mouthing off about candidates, passing out bumper stickers for whomever he is backing.

The funny thing is, I will be voting for the same candidate as he will for president come November.

But I keep that to myself.

Because while Michael and I agree on the candidate, the reasons why differ greatly. While one person tries to talk issues, he’ll make fun of the opponent’s name or what they wear. A talk about voting records can quickly shift to him spreading misinformation he got from some 14-year-old’s blog.

And as November approaches, it gets worse and worse. His number one activity to distract him from work these days is hashing over the latest poltical news with anyone who shows even an inkling of willingness.

Kelly put a “no politics” sign up at her desk. I considered following suit. But Michael seems to stay clear of me when he’s on a political kick. Maybe he views me as an unworthy presidential conversationalist. Fine by me.

But I figure if I put a sign on my desk, I might as well paint a giant target on my forehead. I doubt he would honor the sign any more than he would honor my pleas to not talk reality TV with him. Why fix something that isn’t broken? Yet.

But being so close to his office, I get a front row seat to the spectacle. And cringe with embarrassment that I support the same candidate as this guy.

What about you? How is your office handling the upcoming presidentital election?