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Roy leaves

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This is actually an old post I wrote from Thanksgiving and never posted! Shame on me!

Roy at his fancy new job.

Roy at his fancy new job.

So after a four-day weekend, I thought I would be more refreshed and able to handle Michael and his antics.
How wrong I was.
In one three-minute conversation Michael managed to hit on three things I hate talking about with him: me being cold, my other job, and gossip.
A transcript to the conversation, which also involved Creed.

Creed: (after noticing I had my blanket wrapped around my shoulders) You can’t be cold.
Me: I can be anything I want to be.
Creed: But how can you be cold?
Me: Because I’m wearing a T-shirt. (dirty laundry and forgetting to grab my sweater on the way out the door led to an unfortunate wardrobe choice)
Creed: Why would you do that?
Michael: (who now was leaning over my desk) Because it’s warm. (Yuck yuck yuck, you crack me up Michael)
Me: (ignoring Michael) Creed, you’re wearing a sweater, I’m wearing a blanket. What’s the difference?
Michael: We’ll just call you Linus. (Creed walks away)
Me: Yes, because I LOVE being picked on for being cold.
Michael: So how was everything on Black Friday?
(This comment may seem innocent, but ever since I had stupidly put Michael down as a reference for my part-time job, he has felt like we had some special bond and loves using the job as a way to start stupid conversations with me. He tells me every time he sees a commercial about a sale my store is having — even though before I got the job he didn’t even know what the store was. It’s not something I’m doing for fun, so I don’t want to make small talk about it).
Me: (still annoyed) Fine. Fine. Everything was fine.
Michael: Good. Good. So did you hear Roy was leaving the company?
Me: No I hadn’t. (Roy is my ex, but we were still on speaking terms. I figure he will find his own way to tell me about leaving … but Michael delighted in beating him to the punch).
Michael: Yeah he’s going back to school. Got a job at the university and is taking some classes on the side.
Me: Ah (more details than I want to hear from you, Gossip Girl).
Michael: Yeah his job will be similar to his here it sounds like.
Me: (I turned away) Mmmmm (still more details than I want to hear from you, Michael.)
Michael: And it sounds like they won’t be replacing him here anytime soon … until further notice.

I don’t remember how the conversation ended. Did I black out? Not sure, but Michael eventually went away.
Oh and as I was typing this, Michael came up behind me while I had my headphones on and tried to get my attention by whispering at me.

On a side note, I was wondering when Roy would quit this job, considering he left the actual show The Office eons ago. And life mimics art once again….

Ah, the wonderness of it all

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Come on guys. You know. Wonderness!

Come on guys. You know. Wonderness!

Roy made one of his rare visits up from the warehouse yesterday. They are always a … treat. So awkward.
“Hey Pam, how would you use the word ‘wonderness’ in a sentence?”
“Uhhhh, I don’t think I’ve ever used that word.”
He explained that one of the warehouse guys was arguing with him that it wasn’t a real word.
“Did you look it up?”
“What did the dictionary say?”
“It wasn’t in the dictionary.”
“Then it probably isn’t a word.”
“I just thought I had heard it used before.”
“I think you’re thinking of ‘wonderment.'”
“Well I’m going to have to side with the dictionary on this one.”
“I just really was sure I had seen it.”
“Well you know, they add words to the dictionary every year. Maybe you could submit it to Webster’s.”
“Yeah you could become famous for coining the word ‘wonderness!'”
“Yeah OK, thanks, Pam.”
“Take the world by a storm of wonderness!
He starts to walk away as I begin to lose control over my giggles.
Sorry, Roy. I couldn’t help myself. You really came up to ask me how to use a word that wasn’t in the dictionary?

The ex factor

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I have a favorite grocery store I always hit on my way home. It’s quick. It has everything I need. And it is right on the way from work.
Recently, Roy moved into an apartment near my favorite grocery store. We have been amicable since we broke off our engagement, but talking to him can still be awkward. I usually avoid going down to the warehouse section of the building to prevent uncomfortable small talk.
But now it seems I can’t get away from him. We leave work at the same time, we drive the same way home (he is a horribe driver, and I hate getting stuck behind him), and now he’s invaded my beloved grocery store.
One particularly weird encounter happened a couple months ago. I get in line, and soon after someone gets behind me and says hello.
I turn and see Roy standing there with his arms full of purple and pink … flowers, fruit, dessert, you name it.
I say in my airiest voice possible, “Big plans, I see.”
It’s his anniversary with his new girlfriend.
Fantastic. I don’t really care. I’m head-over-heels for my husband. But who wants to hear about their ex’s romantic plans?
I need to find a new grocery store.